Est. in 2000, I-Sat Group is a Brunei multi-industry conglomerate with a vision of achieving a "Commitment to Excellence" in every industry we participate in.  

Our core business includes; ICT Engineering and Consultancy Services, Satellite Engineering Services, Telecommunications, Broadcasting Engineering, IT Systems Integration, IT Security Systems, IT Training and Development Services. Non-ICT operations include; Food Delivery Services, Catering Services and Transportation and Tourism Services. 

Since its inception, I-Sat Group has achieved significant growth in its core business operations and the business continues to expand.

Our commitment towards excellence is achieved throughout our organisation with the implementation of strategic objectives which includes; adding value to clients through global innovations with emphasis on local supports, sustainable growth through development of human capital, effectiveness through continuous improvement of business processes, strategic alliances with global players and localising global expertise.

I-Sat Group is committed to a policy of ensuring the health and safety of all its personnel, contractors, end-users of its products and services and to protect and maintain a safe working environment throughout. 

The Team

The team at I-SAT Group comprises local management and engineering professionals continually engaged in their respective fields, and are specialists in broadcasting, telecommunication and satellite services. The team has a vast experience and knowledge in these specialised areas from planning, specifying, tendering, evaluating, implementing, supports and future requirements.

As former senior management of private companies and government departments in Brunei Darussalam, the team truly believe the importance for Brunei Darussalam to get the most from what we do for the country and for its people. The Team are enthusiastic about the firsthand involvement of the citizens of Brunei Darussalam in all our projects. To involve locals in all our projects from initial to implementation to support, and future endeavours. This is our desire and aspiration which is of great importance to Brunei Government and its citizens.

Our Headquarters

Our Corporate Headquarters is located on a 3-storey complex in the Central Business District of Kiulap, Brunei Darussalam. The headquarters is equipped with meeting rooms, resource room, IT Training Centre fitted with state of the art facilities including network computers with high-speed network connection and Bio-metric Digital Surveillance System.

Business Address

I-SAT Technology Sdn Bhd

Unit 5B, 1st Floor, PH Apong Bldg

Spg 150, Kg Kiulap

Bandar Seri Begawan BE1518


Tel : +673 222 3228

Fax : +673 729 8343

Email : 

ISATGRP Family of Companies

I-Sat Technology

  • Global IT Solutions for SMEs
  • Custom Financial Software
  • Business Automations
  • E-Health & E-Banking
  • Custom IT Training
  • Medical Consumables
  • Institutional Furnitures
  • Vehicle Inspection Equipment
  • Renewable/Solar Energy Equipment

DGComm Solutions

  • Complete ICT Solution Provider
  • Technical Support and Training Services
  • IT Network Services


  • Satellite Engineering Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Broadcasting Engineering

Wan K

  • Home Delivery Grocery and Trading Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Home Delivery Bakery Services

MYBE Business Solutions

  • Software and Hardware
  • Development Services
  • Accounts Consultancy Service

Blumantel Technology

  • IT Training Centre
  • Customised Program Services